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When obtaining a cost estimate for moving services, an on-site survey is your best option. If that is not possible, or you are just looking for an approximate cost, you can receive a rough cost estimate by filling out our inventory sheet and sending it to us.  You can also take a picture of the completed form and email the photo to us.


Virtual Estimates - please do a walk through video of your home/apartment with your phone/tablet.  it is best to stand in the doorway of the room, and span over the room.  Make sure to go to all rooms, storage areas, outdoors/garage.  Open closets and cabinets, especially if you need a packing quote!! Send it in and we can call you with questions!

You can also take pictures of the rooms / areas and send them to us!

If  you are having any problems, please call our office (973-635-7100)

Download Inventory Sheet

Helpful Tips for Completing Inventory Sheet

  • Be descriptive, such as straight chair, queen bed, extra large armoire.
  • Try and approximate the cartons you will have...add 25 more!
  • If you require clothing wardrobes, every 2 feet of hanging clothes = 1 wardrobe.
  • If you require packing, please list the number and size of pictures, mirrors, glass tops, marble tops, glass shelves, and lamps. For dish and glassware, list the number of servings. For books, list number of shelves and approximate length of shelves.
  • If using photos or video, open closets/cabinets and show contents! Please send all photos or videos to

Important Information for Apartment, Condo or Co-op Moves

  • For moves that originate or end in an apartment, condo, or co-op, please check with the management about their requirements for movers.
  • Check for time restrictions and certificate of insurance instructions.
  • If the building requires a certificate of insurance, please have management fax or email us their requirements.

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